We distil small quantities at once in order to reduce the time gap between the picking of the raw material and the distillation (typically less than 24 hours for conifers and 1 hour for plants).

In order to conserve the total aromatic quality, we distil at low temperature and low pressure and we always allow the time necessary for all the molecules, from the lightest to the heaviest, to be extracted, thus ensuring the highest therapeutic efficiency.

The distillation equipment (still) is made of stainless steel

In short, the process is as follows: spring water vapour is run through a vat filled with the raw material; flowing through the plant material, the vapour draws the essential oil this plant material contains naturally and, as it comes out of the vat, this vapour ‘’enriched’’ with essential oil is lead towards a cooling coil.

The gas mixture condenses on the cool inner walls of the coil and falls back in the Florentine vase, where the essential oil is clearly seen floating on the distillation water.

Decanting then collects the essential oil.

The hydrosol is the distillation water collected at a precise stage of distillation.

Raw material 

The raw material is collected on non-farmed lands, free of pesticides or any pollutant. (No cedar hedges).

The branches picked do not come from clear-cut areas but from various sites that have undergone trimming and selection thinning usually supervised by forest conservation groups.

All raw plant material is handpicked without mechanization and  in compliance of the best practices in order to ensure the survival of species and ecosystems.

The distillation of small quantities at once enables to handle and manage small volumes of raw material. Selecting fresh plants or branches is of utmost importance to guarantee a quality that large producers using heavy volumes cannot achieve. 

Essential oil producers must often distil large volumes at once in order to the meet distributor’s price.  

Balsam fir branches Loading of the conifer for chipping
Fresh flowers ready for distillation Loading of the conifer for chipping
La distillation The essence of work
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