Essential oils from Quebec
Cottage production with conifers, wild plants and flowers

Naturessence is a cottage business involved in essential oil extraction located in the Estrie region of the province of Quebec.

Naturessence essential oils are extracted by low-pressure vapour distillation with a stainless-steel still.
As raw material, Naturessence uses fresh conifer branches as well as wild flowers and plants carefully handpicked.

The genuine quality of our oils lies in their 100% purity: they are unadulterated and complete.
In order to conserve the total aromatic quality, we distillate at low temperature and low pressure and we always allow the time necessary for all the molecules, from the lightest to the heaviest, to be extracted, thus ensuring the highest therapeutic efficiency.

Our genuine quality oils are 100% pure, complete and unadulterated. The oils are simply filtered and bottled on site without being adulterated or re-bottled by a distributor. They are all designated for aromatherapy.

We also offer sprayers made of glassware made in Quebec, hydrosols or floral waters and skin care products (cream, bath and massage oil, etc)
We are open !
Naturessence, 646 rang 6, Danville, QC, Canada, J0A1A0, Tél. : (819)  845-5803