distillation workshop
distillation workshop 14 august 2021,
Distillation Workshop of August 10, 2019. Join the students of the Herboliste Academy. The workshop is open to all for $ 125 taxes included. During this day, we will distil a plant in your company and you will leave with a sample of essential oil and hydrosol of distilled gasoline. You will have the chance to participate in all the stages of the distillation, and to feel the emanations which emerge from it. This workshop will familiarize you with the technique and equipment of steam distillation and become aware of the work required to make an authentic essential oil. To equip you to better recognize an essential oil of authentic quality. We will distil goldenrod flowers or other, depending on availability and you will leave with a sample of the essential oil and hydrosol distilled under your eyes. You will also know more about the local wild species available, the choice and packaging of the raw material. From 10:00 to 15:30, Bring your lunch! Booking and payment directly here Cost $ 120 taxes included, payable in advance. Your payment confirms your presence.  Contact us for more information !

14 août 2021
Naturessence, 646 rang 6, Danville, QC, Canada, J0A1A0, Tél. : (819)  845-5803